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with everything happening in d.c. as well. we'll have continuing coverage of that. thank you for joining us everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. martha: we start things off this afternoon with this fox news alert on the dueling debt plans that are now emerging on capitol hill at this hour. we've got eight days to go until the united states hits this default deadline. republicans and democrats today, now introducing some new plans that they say they believe will save america from financial catastrophe. welcome on this busy day to live hraoeufrbgs everybody live, everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. what has unfolded so far in the most dramatic 72 hours of this crisis yet. you have last friday at 6:00pm house speaker john boehner said he ended negotiations with president obama on the grand bargain. on the same evening president obama accused boehner from
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watching away from a deficit deal they arrived at, ordering leaders from both the house and senate to come become on saturday morning to the house for negotiations. then you got to saturday. boehner then announced that he wanted to raise the debt ceiling eye 2:00pm on sunday. we know that never happened. later that day both senate majority leader henry reid and john boehner exchanges fiery words on what would be best to bring down this ballooning debt that has caused all this worry. on sunday there was no deal on the table but the speaker mess with house republicans in less than an hour we could get some sort of announce the on how this is form hraeugt now. formulating now. chris stirewalt, fox news political editor joins me now. there may have been some bill presented to the house, that
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they presented something that was shot down, what are you hearing? >> reporter: whatever the full truth of that is we know it's in agreement with the larger picture here, which is that the administration is not look to be out in front on this issue certainly any more. there was a moment in time when president obama was talking about doing big things and being the guy and turnin turning this into a much needed win by a beleaguered president. we are seeing this fade away, we are seeing the administration give control of this discussion to capitol hill, just like with other things. martha: as you say, in previous confrontations when it came to healthcare, stimulus, all of that got pwubgd back to congress to work out the details. he looked like he wanted to be out in front of this. why do you think he changed his mind? >> reporter: it's really hard. being president is really hard but also doing a deal like this
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is really hard because the scope of what you're talking about isn't -- this isn't about money. we heard over the w weekend, or it's 400 billion on this or 800 billion on that, there is a chasm which exists between the republicans and the house, the conservatives from 2010 and president obama who is puerto rico the hreu ral wing of the democratic party and his victory in 2008. there is a rubber game that needs to be played here, that is the 2012 election and it's very hard to take on big things when you have an unanswered question about america's political future. martha: chris, stay with us. we want to keep the best minds in the room on this issue. we have big news developing right now on this story. goldman sachs has sent out a warning to investors today about what it would take to avoid a credit downgrade from goldman sachs. stewart varney from knocks network, the lead day is with us now. we hadn't heard from these folk,
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we heard from s&p, we heard from moody's. now they say they want $4 million in cuts. >> they are repeating what standard & poors said about a week ago. unless you cut $4 trillion. and those $4 trillion of cuts are pwhraoefbg. you're going to get a download. that is the loss of our financial reputation to put it in layman's terms. a downgrade looks much more likely. for two reasons, we are not going to get $4 trillion worth of cuts before this deadline, that is just not going to happen. number two, i don't think we can convince the rating agencies that we can really get a handle and our entitlement programs. that is not going to happen. those two factors, bear that in mind, a downgrade looks increasingly likely. i'd say probable. martha: wall street is looking at this back and forth on these numbers and say are saying, so what, you guys can kick the can
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down the road which looks like what is going to happen chris stirewalt but we're not crazy about the balance sheets of america any more and we'll let everybody knows it. what happens with that? >> reporter: in the perverse logic of washington this announcement from s&p and goldman actuals lee makes a small deal more likely. follow me on this. once you know that you're going to get downgraded any way, once you know that -- stewart is exactly right the magnitude of a deal that takes on entitlements and other issues is not going to happen in eight days. once you know you're going to get downgraded any way it becomes a lot easier to say, look, let's just do something, let's get aye way from the question of whether the united states pay. at a later date, whether it's in six months or after the next election we'll address the next question of can we pay in the future. for right now they will get through the will we pay right now answer. martha: it's pretty shocking when you look at this whole
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picture, stewart. i found a quote from the president back in 2009 right after he was inaugurated in april of 2009 he went in front of the cameras and said i want a report from every single agency in the u.s. government about what they are going to cut and how they are going to cleanup their balance sheet. i don't remember ever hearing one word about that again, right. you have the rating agencies and wall street being kweubg being kicked around. now they are saying they h-r the big cats, and now they are saying, we don't like what you're doing either. >> reporter: president obama will go down as the first president in history to go down with a down grid on his watch. all kinds of organizations cannot hold tip he will a da d aaa treasury debt. if it gets downloaded you have to sell it. that likely put interest rates
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up. martha: everybody in the country would pay more for everything in terms of the money they are borrowing just as a result of a downgrade. >> reporter: we would all feel a downgrade. martha: fascinating and scary. >> reporter: indeed. martha: stewart varney great to have you weigh in at the hop of the hour. going forward you have the house democrat particular leadership. they are supposed to be speaking with reporters any moment now laying out their demands on this debt bill. at 2:00pm eastern today speaker john boehner is expected to come out lane out his new plan, similar to the cut, cap and balance bill that was tabled in the senate, did not get a vote. we are watching that and following all the developments on the situation. you can go to, fill in some of the other pieces on this at the same time. it is a huge, huge story for this country right now. we are all over this story. let's look at a huge story for another country right now, as we look at this situation, tens of
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thousands taking to the streets in a massive display of mourning right now in norway. it comes as we get brand-new video that surfaces of the terror attacks there on friday. this shows the moment precisely after that car bomb ripped through the government district in oslo. look at the devastation in the street there. police resraoeugs the deat revising the death toll to 76, down from 93. the accused gunman in this rampage making his first court appearance today. we are getting new insight into his thinking and what is being revealed to be one of the most horrific attacks we have ever seen. greg burke joins me now live from oslo, norway with more on this. hi, greg. >> reporter: hi, martha, that is right. right now a vigil going on, instead of candles, a few people have candles, almost everybody carrying a flower. they are trying to give some sense of hope to this entire tragedy, and boy there are a lot
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of them act there, they are talking about 150,000. we've certainly seen tens of thousands go right by under our balcony right now. earlier today at noon a moment of silence, and you could tell also there this country is trying to come to grips with what happened. it was the first day back to work since friday. and i can tell you, saturday and sunday around here the mood was still really one of shock. they seem to be getting over that a bit, but it's certainly going to take some time. the only suspect in the case so far, anders breivik appearing in court. the hearing was closed but the judge later saying that vehicle r-r admitted to the actanders breivik admitted to the act but he pled not guilty. he said he had to do something to save european norway from muslim immigration. also today that new amateur video you mentioned, the death toll you mentioned, also gone down to 76.
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it's an incredible thing as you can see from that video. so much like oklahoma city in the devastation and also even in the type of explosive used. finally, martha, one thing, this always happens in this cases but we almost got them. it looks like norwegian intelligence actually had vehicle r-had anders breivik because he bought a large amount of chemicals. that raised some flags. he did have a farm and they thought there was a reason for it so they didn't follow it up. martha: thank you very much. the massacre in norway did not spare that country's royal family. we are hearing now this a relative of the crown princess, the blond woman that you see in this video, one of her relatives was one of the casualties. a accept brother of a princess was killed at the wapl -p. he was one of the first person killed in the mass car.
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the son of the late stepfather of the princess. and lawmakers bickering over the details of the debt ceiling, they may be missing a bigger worry, though, a shocking new calculation that one in five american men are not employed in this country. so why is congress, some might say, fiddling while the job market burns? lou dobbs checks in on this stor story in three minutes. dramatic new testimony in the amanda knox trial. the prosecution's case is now in serious jeopardy of falling apart for the first time since all of this started. we'll talk to the man who knows this story inside and out. he will tell us why there may be light at the end of the tunnel for her. a terrifying scene in the wilderness of alaska, teenager attacked buy a grizzly bear. new details on those fighting to survive those injuries and those who fought back.
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martha: welcome back, there is an ugly new number today on the job picture in america. it's a little bit different of a twist here. a new analysis shows one in five men of working age in this country are not working for various reasons. as a lost generation spends months and sometimes years looking for work. i'm joined now by lou dobbs, anchor of lou dobbs tonight on the fox network. there are a number of reasons, it's not just unemployment. there is a huge number of people in prison or disabled that fall into this group or are being supported by the women in their lives in some cases, wives, mothers, parents in some cases. what is going on?
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>> what is interesting in this. martha i think is the fact we haven't really been focusing on the number of men who are just simply being written off by our society. we are not paying attention as a society to the number of young people that are being written off. behind these numbers in a workforce of 155 million americans, what we're really saying here is that 20 million of them are in point of fact unemployed. 20million of them, more than half of them are men. what is interesting when we talk about companies looking for employees and trying to find skills, we're talking about twice as many men dropping out of high school as do women. the number is about two-thirds men to a third women dropping out of our high schools. we are literally squandering immense potential, as well as creating immense burdens for our society. martha: there was a study that showed that 30% of the companies that he talked to said yes
10:17 am
indeed we are looking for people, we are looking for mid level managers, looking for employees. we can't seem to find the people among the unemployed who can fill the jobs and do a good job for us. where have we fallen off here that we have so many young men in this country that can't fill these jobs successfully? >> i think that complaint, martha applies to women as well as men broadly from the employers i talk with. our schools, our secondary schools are not preparing -- i know all of the principals and teachers out there will say it's because of the k-8 they are not preparing kids for high school. high schools are doing allowsee job in this country. we have arnie duncan as the secretary of education. he comes from a school district that was an utter disaster. instead of creating efficiency and productivity, we are still running at best a mid 20th century school system in all of the metrics that we use to measure. martha: and yet we spend a lot
10:18 am
of money with job training programs that, you know, i guess aren't working, right? >> right. and no one in the industrialized world spends more money per student than we do and we can't breakthrough in our testing of our students. right now people blame unions, administration, parents. we as a nation are not focused on discipline, and what works in our educational ac system, which remains, reading, writing, arithmetic. that applies to business and life. martha: i was talking to jeb bush, he did something in florida where he said we are not going to have social promotion any more. we will not push you from first grade to second grade just because you can't be with your friends any more. can if you can't read you'll have to be held back. if you think it's bad not being with your friends now think about not reading in 8th
10:19 am
grade, 9th grade, 10th grade. >> isn't it a heck of a thing when we say good job, you just passed along oeupb to another grade. men are being given a pass here by our society. we've got to stop this disability nonsense. there is no basis on earth for our disability programs to have risen at the rate they have over the course of the past 20 years. that does not correlate to either the increase in population, increase in mental disabilities in the population. we have to come to our senses. someone has got to start talking about the real issues here in addition to of course the debt ceiling. martha: yeah, exactly. we are going to talk about the 80 million checks that timothy geithner says go out every month. i found that astonishing. that goes to some of what you said here, lou.
10:20 am
lou dobbs tonight heirs we can nights 7:00pm eastern time. it's a great show don't miss it. good to see you. a group of teenagers got themselves in a horrible situation, mauled by a grizzly bear in the middle of the wild. two of these boys were seriously injured. new details three minutes away now on what may have set the bear off or what might have happened in that situation. new concerns about a serial arsonist is on the loose, and targeting one of the best known spots in america, the firebug in hollywood just ahead. and breaking news on the death of singer amy winehouse this hour. we have some more developments in this case, her legacy and the history next. ♪ like i knew i would. i told you i was trouble, you know that i'm no good.
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martha: new fears that a serial arsonist is on the loose in north hollywood. police detectives are also working on this case. apartment buildings, a motor home and several other vehicles have been set aflame. and making matters worse the arsonist is striking in the early morning hours when many people are fast a sleep of course. then there are shocking details on this horrifying bear attack. seven teenagers in a leadership program were rushed by a grizzly while they were on a survival skills course in the alaskan wilderness. two of the boys were brutally mauled. right now they are both we understand in critical condition. trace gallagher has more on this for us from l.a. >> reporter: this is a month
10:25 am
long wilderness survival camp. they were out there for 24 days. this is the first day they were on their own, no instructors with them. they were in single file line going across the creek. the boys in the back heard the boys in the front screaming that a bear was coming out of the woods. the bear came out and mauled all of the hikers. all seven of them. the two in the front got the worst of it. they had to use their survival skills immediately. >> after the bear attack occurred they were able to set a camp up, they were able to give each other first aid as best as they could, and they activated a personal locater beacon so somebody could come to them and help them. those were the right things to do. they were able to keep their heads about them, stay together and look after each other. >> reporter: eventually all of those teens were evacuated by helicopter out of that forest.
10:26 am
now alaska state troopers are in the forest warning other groups of campers that these bears are still on the loose. we have some 14,000 kids each summer, martha, go through this yothis survival workshop. these seven we believe will automatic survive. martha: thank you very much. new details to tell you about in the appeals trial that is going on of amanda knox, the person co-ed convicted of killing her roommate in italy. can dna evidence prove that she did not do it? we have the stunning testimony that is coming out now in that. just moments ago president obama said that both parties have a responsibility to solve the debt problem. but is the president more concerned about his re-election campaign than the debt crisis? that question is now being raised. a fair & balanced debate coming up on that straight ahead. >> the problem is i think the single most important thing for president obama is extending it beyond his he re-election
10:27 am
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but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and you can only get it at the home depot. martha: fox news alert on the debt standoff in washington. with eight days until the country supposedly runs short of cash in all of this president barack obama moments ago took a now shot at republican efforts to avoid the massive tax increases. we are joined now in his first appearance on fox news,ed henry our chief white house correspondent. good to have you. >> reporter: it's great to be here. the president was trying to fire
10:31 am
a shot at the republicans he was talking to the national council of louisian la raza saying neither side is blameless but both sides have a responsibility to come to the table. he said if the credit card keeps getting run up then you won't have money for key priorities like education. he says, look i'm willing to make cuts on healthcare, medicare, medicaid but republicans need to give room on taxes. as you noted speaker john boehner making very clear once again yesterday on fox news sunday he's not going to give room on taxes. there is another big sticking point that's come up in the last couple of days. treasury secretary timothy geithner also on knocks news sunday yesterday saying look, let's make thaour there is a lot of breathing room in this hike to the debt ceiling so it goes past the 2012 election. speaker boehner immediately says that shows this is all about politics. >> first and most important we have to lift this threat of default from the economy for the
10:32 am
next 18 months. we have to take that threat off the table through the election. but we also want to try to make sure we come together and make some tough choices, lock in long-term savings to help get our fiscal house in order. >> i know the president is worried about his next election. my god, shouldn't we be worried about the country? we have a budget deaf have it of $1.5 trillion, we are borrowing 42-cents on every dollar we spend. we have a $14.5 trillion national debt. it is time to get serious about stopping the spending in washington d.c. >> reporter: we expect in the next hour or so new information coming in. john boehner going to lay a plan on the table, 1.2 trillion cuts in spending cuts. harry reid pushing a plan $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. still pretty far apart in these two plans. a lot of team on the hill in both parties saying look, maybe they'll meet somewhere in the
10:33 am
middle here. i think the only thing certain ph this debate is uncertainty at this point, martha. martha:ed we'll be seeing a lot of you in the coming days and weeks over here. good to have you be here. assed henry just reported and speaker boehner just mentioned a growing number of republican suggesting that the president is more concerned about his re-election campaign than the economy of the country, that is the charge. hear what senator jon kyl said overt weekend. >> what if it won't pass the senate? mr. reid said it won't pass the senate. what do you do then? >> the president will have to answer a tough question, is my re-election more important to me than the default of the ooh neated states. as the leader of the united states he has to be first and foremost concerned with our creditworthiness. i can't imagine he would sacrifice the credit worth these necessary of the united states because he does not want to deal with this before his campaign.
10:34 am
>> we are joined by broad blakeman, johby brad blakeman and marianne. jon kyl is retiring but he says the president is way too focused on it. >> you heard kay bailey hutchinson say it's time for the posturing to stop. any republican that is opposing a two-year term is playing politics. any republican opposing a deal without revenue in it is playing politics. that is exactly where the congress is right now. they would like to have this debate two or three more times during this election. the more time we have to debate the debt the more we focus on jobs. martha: it feels to me, brad like we are in a stalemate on both sides. could the same thing not be said of democrats who aren't willing to go through this process
10:35 am
without raising taxes? >> absolutely. look, this president said it himself, just a few days ago, that he demands a deal that will take us past the 2012 election. this is cramping his political style, he's not able to do fundraising, not able to do what he does best and that is campaign. he's not a leader, he's not a governor, he's a campaigner and he's being called on the carpet for the statements that he himself made saying that this is the demand that the president wants to take the political baggage away from the president. you know what? he tried to ba bambozzl erbs befor before. in 1990 taxes were raised, they used it as fodder and the president wasn't reelected. martha: you look at a whole bunch of politicians elected on promises.
10:36 am
the mantra was taxed enough already. they were sent to washington most of them on campaign platforms saying i will never vote for anything that is a tax increase. can you blame them for being politicians for sticking to what they promised to american people who elected them? >> here is the problem, the country and congress is being held possible taj by the tea party. martha: why do you say that? that's a popular thing to say, marry ann. all think doing is doing what they said they were going to do. you can think they are wrong and wrong minded but they are not doing anything that should have been unpredictable. >> but they are not the majority in that caucus. their size by number, their influence far out stretches the actual numbers. and you've got cantor and others bamboozled holding them to that line. >> please. martha: they are supposed to ka pit late on their principles in order to make thingsess year for folks to do what they've always
10:37 am
done, which is sort of water stuff down and kick the can down the road. that's what they would say, brad. >> democrats have -- are absolutely dug in. you may complain about the tea party, but you're acting like the democrats have a cohesive united front. absolutely not. they don't want to touch entitlements. you guys have more problems with your base than republicans have with theirs. the only reason we get more print is ours are more vocal. it's the democrats that are pre penitentiarying the president and their leadership from making a deal. we have problems with the tea party but our parties are minuscule compared to what you guys have. we only control one branch, one house of government, you guys control the senate and white house. martha: every time it goes back to the 80 million checks that we write ever month that timothy geithner talked about with chris wallace on fox news sunday. you ask to ask yourself, in terms of entitlements are we going to become a nation that extends the check writing to more and more and more of our own people?
10:38 am
is that where we want to go? >> obama put entitlements on the table. there is also a package that doesn't have any revenue increases in it. yet the republicans couldn't get behind either one of those deals. >> it's the democrats, your party. martha: marry ann has the last word. >> every time we get close to a deal the republicans walk. and that's because boehner doesn't have the votes and that's the fact. martha: mary ann marsh, brad blakeman always great to talk to both of you. we'll see where this goes. the hotel maid at the tenth tere of the international frenzy that surrounded dominic strauss-kahn is now checking out of the shadows. the woman who accused one of the world's top bankers are trying to rape her is now going on a media blitz. our legal panel ahead on what this means for what critics call a very shakey case. can you tell which of these two apple stores is the real deal? one is authentic, the other is
10:39 am
fake. we'll tell you where some bad apple stores are sprouting up. major developments in the amanda knox case as well today. new evidence puts the prosecution's case, for which she has already spent four years in jail now on thin ice. our next guest has been immersed in this trial from the very beginning. he's going to tell us why he thinks it's a whole new ball game now. >> they have two innocent people behind bars that do not belong there, and somehow this needs to get fixed. there was no blood on the knife whatsoever. it was tested, negative.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
martha: new details emerging on the horrific train crash in china. 35 people were killed in the collision over the weekend when one bullet train slammed into another that lost power. it is china's deadliest train disaster twins 2008 and it's raised serious new questions about, look at this video, about the safety of the country's
10:43 am
entire rail network, really. the chinese government firing three top rail officials after this incident saying now they will do a full investigation. and there is explosive new testimony in the amanda knox appeal trial that is going on in italy. independent experts are now challenging the critical dna evidence in this case that italian prosecutors used to convict knox of her roommate's murder, boosting the chances that the american student could be released from prison, after all of these long four years. now joining us now is the automatic tore of the monster of florence, which is we understand going to be made into a movie now. he has been following this knox case from the very beginning, douglas preston joins me now. douglas good to have you with us today. now -- >> good to be on the show. martha: good to have you. as we all remember it was based on dna evidence on the knife and also dna evidence on a clasp on
10:44 am
merideth kercher's bra. they claim that evidence is not at all what it appeared to be. >> that's right, in fact for two years every single expert in the united states that looked at this evidence, including dna experts and top criminal tpho criminal ol gists said it wasn't the results of error, but that it amounted to deliberate fraud. i just learned today that og magazine is about to publish an allegation that that key piece of evidence that bra clasp was completely fraudulent, and that to prevent these independent experts from reanalyzing it the prosecutors allowed that bra clasp to rust, and then they claimed that the evidence was no good, that it was destroyed and not good as evidence. but these independent experts retested it any way and discovered that there was no dna
10:45 am
on it at all. that there is none. martha: it's shocking but it raises the question, why? why would they go to these lengths to cover up or obfuscate the evidence, why would they want to convict her, if she and her former boyfriend weren't guilty in this case, why? >> it's all about saving face. the police of 30 cops and prosecutors subjected amanda knox to a 14-hour interrogation that with us abusive. they struck her, she says they struck her, shouted at her and threatened her and coerced out of her a false admission. it wasn't exactly a confession, but it was a guilty-sounding statement. the next morning they announced to the wold, and it was front page news, that they have found the killers, case closed. two weeks later they found the real killer. now their careers were hanging in the balance, and they needed
10:46 am
to pin this crime on all three of them, so they linked amanda and her boyfriend to the real killer in order to save face, in order to save their careers. martha: how do we know that rudy guede is the real killer. >> his handprint is on the victoria and inside the victoria. he admitted he was there. his dna is all over the crime scene. that guy did it. he did it by himself. he's a roche, a known drug dealer, a bad actor, and he had no connection to amanda for raffaele sollecito. martha: during this appeal they'll have to prove to the judge that indeed the evidence that they were convicted on the first time around, these independent analysis of this dna has to be brought into the courtroom on all of this.
10:47 am
how do you think all of this is going to work out? amanda knox according to these reports is very hopeful, the most hopeful she's ever been that they are going to be free. >> the original trial they didn't allow any independent analysis of the forensic evidence to occur. now in america both the defense and the prosecution are required by law, or allowed by law to have independent analysis of all scientific evidence. but in italy only the prosecutors were allowed to analyze this evidence and only their chosen labs did the work, and those labs turned in the results that the prosecution wanted. this is very common in italy. there is a lot of corruption in this sort of thing in italy, where whoever is paying your bill, well you're going to find the evidence that they want to see. martha: it's been a very long ordeal for amanda knox' family to be sure. if this thing turns around it's going to be huge. douglas preston, thank you so
10:48 am
much for sharing all your background and work on this case. it's very good to have you here today. we'll keep on top of it. thank you, sir. martha: thank you. dramatic new details to tell you about in a vicious killer bee attack. african honey bees swarming a 70-year-old man who was on a walk with his dog. the victim is now fighting for his life. and also we've got breaking news coming up on the amy winehouse autopsy, details on the surprising results in that three minutes away. we'll be right back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:52 am
martha: headlines for you, first lady michelle obama and joe biden thank -pbg the troops today. they attended an event, part of an initiative called joining forces, which encourages community support for the families of american service members. a river flooding outside of chicago. and mexican police arresting more than one thousand people in an operation that was targeting suspected human traffickers. it folks used on bars, hotels and guesthousess in cuidad juarez. we've got this news coming in for you right now. breaking news on the amy winehouse autopsy. in just the last half hour police have announced that doctors could not establish a cause of death from the initial results. so now they will do more toxicology tests that will be done in order to find and get some more information. trace gallagher is looking into the story for us today, he's
10:53 am
live with the details. >> reporter: in other words if we died of a massive heart attack they would know that by now. they are waiting for toxicology to come back which gives you an indication that she died of something else. but the authorities have told us there were no signs of any drugs found around the bed where she was found, so maybe that rules that out. we'll have to wait for toxicology. authorities say it also is becoming apparent that she died and was there at least six hours before she was actually found by a security person. she told her team at 10:00 saturday morning she wanted to go to sleep. then at 4:00 in the afternoon they found her, but rigor mor but rigormortis had already set in. she saw a doctor friday night for addiction problems. late friday night she felt good enough to go in her room and play the drums so loudly her neighbors explained. here is her father talking to amy winehouse the next day.
10:54 am
>> thanks for coming. thank you very much. i'd like to see you again soon. >> reporter: we mention no obvious signs of a drug overdose, but we should also point out that last month at a concert in serbia she was staggering, she was slurring her words, they booed her off the stage, she canceled the rest of the concert tour. now her pr person acknowledges that she had served a number of set backs in her battle with addiction. she also now becomes, martha, a member of that fabled 27 club. butt these on the screen, here, this is amazing. brian jones, the founding member of the rolling stones, janice joplin the queen of rock. jimi hendrix. kurt could he bane, jim morrison all died at the age of 27, and now you can add amy winehouse to that list as well. i mean, really remarkable. martha: it is incredible that all of those, you know, great musicians, famous people all died at the age of 27. so now i guess we just wait,
10:55 am
obviously for somebody who sang about not wanting to go to rehab she was in and out of rehab on a fairly regular basis and is one of those people s-d lee who appears to have not been able to overcome addiction, which so many people, we hear so much about people who are able to kick addiction. there are so many more that aren't able to. a sad story. she was quite a talent. we'll wait for a couple of weeks for more information on that. >> reporter: exactly two weeks for toxicology to come back, then we'll have an answer on exactly how she died. martha: sad situation. we'll go back to capitol hill now where we are awaiting a meeting, another meeting on all of this. house speaker john boehner has been huddling with republicans, they are discussion their plan to try to come up with something to get us out of this debt crisis. what they are likely to put forward as the debt default deadline continues to loom over the capitol, and also there is this story for you, oregon congressman david woo seen here just in a tiger costume, like
10:56 am
most of us on a regular basis now faces some even more serious allegations, that he forced a, quote, sexual encounter with a teenage girl who was the daughter of a donor to his campaign, a house help the thicks investigation likely just around the corner for mr. woo. what this could mean for his political future and whether or not he'll be donning that tiger suit any more in the future. a swarm of killer bees repeatedly steupblging a ma stinging a machine and his dog. a live report coming up next, it's unbelievable. >> they were in a cloud, they were swarming all over me. i fell on the ground, tried to roll around, i thought that maybe that would get rid of them. it didn't discourage them at all. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪
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martha: all right. we've got a fox news alert out of norway right now. look at these scenes in the streets there of mourning. tens of thousands of people filling the streets in a town
11:00 am
just outside of oslo. they are marching in the memory of the victims killed in friday's incredible and awful bombing and the shooting attacks on an island that took the lives of so many young people, so many teenagers shot down in their tracks, some of them trying to swim away from this crazed killer in this story, and it is just a nation of weeping and mourning today for those lost, 76 people be lost in that horrific story that unfolded on friday be afternoon. we'll keep touching back on that. all right, we bring you this fox news alert now because there's a new challenge from president obama as gop leaders are said to be pushing ahead at this hour with a new, shorter-term debt plan. this is "america live," everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. so the president in just the the last hour saying that spending cuts alone are not the answer to
11:01 am
the country's deficit crisis. listen. >> neither party is blameless for the decisions that led to our debt, but both parties have a responsibility to come together and solve the problem and make sure that the american people aren't hurt. on this issue. [applause] because i just want to talk about this for a second because it has a potential impact on everybody here and all the communities you serve. if we don't address the debt that's already on our national credit card, it will leave us unable to invest in things like education, to protect vital programs. so i've already said i'm willing to cut spending that we don't need by historic amounts to reduce our long-term deficit and make sure we can invest in our children's future. i'm willing to take on the rising costs of health care programs like medicare and medicaid to make sure they're strong and secure for future
11:02 am
generations. martha: that is the president's side of that right now, and joining me right now is republican congresswoman renee el hearse from north carolina. welcome, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, martha. martha: we're hearing about a two-tier plan being formulated by republicans. what can you tell us about it? >> well, this is exactly what we're putting forward, and the speaker is putting forward a plan of action that will deal with all these issues. we can't raise taxes to protect those programs and keep washington the same size as it has been. we know that washington is too big. it's time to make some serious cuts. you know, what the speaker is trying to do is put a program in place, a plan of real solutions that turns this from the president's, um, shared sacrifice to prosperity and shared prosperity. this is what we're looking for, and the speaker is so strong on this, and we are behind him. and i know we're going to come up with the solutions we need. this is the president's economy.
11:03 am
this is a situation where he's put $3.7 trillion spent by washington with nothing to show for it. we've got to turn it around, and it is very serious. martha: all right. there was a deal friday that was for 800 billion in revenue increases, then the story was that the president came back to the table, asked for another 400 billion in revenue increases. so i ask you this, what kind of revenue increases and what form would they take whether it be tax reform or elimination of loopholes in corporate taxes are republicans now willing to give in the revenue column? >> well, you know, the thing is, martha, that if we're, if we're creating jobs, then we're going to be increasing revenue to the government. it's very simple. create jobs out there, remove the uncertainty that our small business owners are faced with and our corporations, and we're going to have people back to work again, and revenues will increase to the government. martha: understood, but that's a future-looking thing, you know,
11:04 am
and democrats have been criticized for talking about eliminating money with the wars in be afghanistan and iraq. that's also future looking. so i'm asking you today in terms of changes to the tax code for corporations because we know there's plenty of corporations that last year ended up paying relatively little or no taxes at all. are you putting forward anything in terms of corporate tax reform that you would be willing to undo in loop loopholes today? is. >> i think we all agree tax loopholes are something we can do about, that's definitely an area we compromise on without any difficulty whatsoever. but the point is putting in a system of tax reform that is simpler, flatter, less cumbersome especially for our business owners in the cost of doing business. so this is what we're looking at. but we are definitely against any tax increases, any tax increases alone. martha: all right, so goldman sachs if they don't get $4
11:05 am
trillion, what happens is a plan that's short of $4 trillion in real spending cuts, they're likely to downgrade their rating on u.s. debt. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, that's unfortunately what we're faced with right now, you know, whether we're talking about goldman sachs or any of the other credit rating. you know, we are sitting in a situation that is crucial right now, and we have got to do the things necessary in order to cut the spending because just raising, just raising the debt ceiling is not the answer, and we all understand that. so whether we're talking about, basically, the idea is we've got to get greater cuts than the debt ceiling increase. and that's what we're looking for. and, you know, it's hard to put a number on that. i want as much as we can possibly get. martha: all right, congresswoman, thank you very much. good luck to you. the american people are watching the work that y'all are doing closely, and we'll see how it goes. thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. martha: all right, we know that
11:06 am
time is running out, but the treasury department warns that 80 million people, 80 million checks was the way it was put that are dependent upon, come out from the government will be jeopardized if our country hits this deadline and doesn't come up with a deal. 80 million checks go out every month to different recipients across this country. how did we get there? isn't that a good question? we're going to look into that number because our jaws almost hit the ground when we heard that. also, we are closely monitoring the debt deals, of course, to get the complete breakdown of what's on the table right now. if you want to see who's in what column, check on our web site at check that out, and we will be right back with more on that. and now this, we are just getting reports, here we go, folks, that the nfl players have voted to approve a deal with the owners to end the nfl lockout. whoo! what a relief. we've got pictures coming back
11:07 am
from a news conference where we're watching this ten-year deal, that means that players should be able to get to training camps and get back in shape for the season that is getting closer all the time. so, again, there is now an end to the nfl lockout. we're waiting for them to come out and talk about that. we'll get you back there as soon as that gets underway. game on, folks, for the fall season. that's good news. okay, back to this story that's back on the front pages again here in new york, the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn, the ex-head of the national monetary fund. now the new york city hotel maid who was accusing the banker has broken her silence, she's sharing her side of the story, and that comes after her credibility was severely brought into question in all this. rick leventhal's on the story from our new york city newsroom. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, she's had her identity hidden, but her reputation's been trashed for the last two months, and now she's telling "newsweek"
11:08 am
magazine she wants dominique vase khan to go to jail to know that there are some places you can't use your power or your money. she says she loved her job cleaning rooms in new york city and thought strauss-kahn's suite was empty when she went in. she says he surprised her, naked, and gave more details in an exclusive interview with abc's robin roberts set to air tuesday night. >> i was like, i'm so sorry. he turned -- i turned my head. he come to me and cupped my breasts, no, you don't have to be sorry. i said, i don't want to lose my job. it's like stop this, stop this. but he, he keep pushing me, pushing me, pushing me to the hallway, back to the hallway, keep pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. >> reporter: she say she was forced to perform oral sex, and strauss-kahn left quickly after. she hid in the hallway shaken and scared, then went back to the room to clean briefly before
11:09 am
telling supervisors and police she'd been attacked. defense lawyers are shredding her story, they say the sex was consensual, and they're chi z lawyer -- accusing lawyers of, quote, the first accuser in history to conduct a media campaign to persuade a prosecutor to pursue charges against a person from whom she wants money. the lawyers say it's time for this, quote, unseemly circus to stop, but it's not over yet, martha. they're due back in court one week from today. martha: rick, thank you. we've got much more on the hotel maid's media blitz. does it help her case, or does it benefit dominique strauss-kahn? our legal panel is going to weigh in on that later this hour. we've got some new details coming in after some terrifying moments on an american airlines flight. see this video, you can see the trails coming from this plane. it is not smoke. that is the brazil-bound flight in texas dumping jet fuel midair just moments after takeoff, and
11:10 am
now investigators say the pilots had to make an emergency landing after a warning light came on that indicated that one of the engines was on fire. trace is on this for us from our west coast bureau. trace, a scary story. >> reporter: it really is, martha. this thing was fully loaded, passengers, fuel and luggage on this thing, and right after it took off from dfw, the pilot noticed he started having problems with the engine. you mentioned that the indicator showed the engine might have been on fire? there was also some concern that the pilot may very well have had landing gear that was also on fire. listen, now, to the pilot talking to air traffic control. play it.
11:11 am
>> reporter: you heard the pilot say he's pretty heavy, right? there's a big deal, i want to show you why. takeoff max weight, 75,000 pounds. landing, the maximum 500,000, he's 250,000 pounds over the limit. he's got to dump the fuel, makes a u-turn over dallas and starts dumping fuel furiously. we're talking about 20,000 gallons. he still landed way too heavy, blew out the tires. the brakes then locked up, but the plane did eventually come to a full stop, and there were no injuries. but imagine at this low, look at the dairy queen sign and to see the plane just dumping as much fuel as it possibly could. we're not clear what the landing weight was, martha, but all the passengers were fine. the plane, of course, is now being repaired. those folks went on to brazil.
11:12 am
martha: wow. unbelievable. and once again, cool as a cucumber, that pilot, as he explained what was happening, and that was unbelievable. trace, thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. martha: thank goodness it turned out okay. new calls for an ethics investigation into reports that this congressman forced an unwanted sexual encounter on a teenage girl, yep, you heard me right. the congressman in earlier years in a tiger suit. columnist michelle malkin joins us with the new scandal for democrats, so she'll talk about that. and also new developments in the search for jackie waller, the missing mother of three from missouri. crews are desperately searching as new leads seem to implicate her estranged husband. new developments in this case, we're going to bring those to you right after the break. >> i come in here for one purpose, that's to find our kid. >> just keep praying, that's what we do every day. pain relie. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin.
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11:16 am
martha: all right. we've got some news on this one, folks. in just the last hour democrat congressman david wu appeared on the house floor for a vote, it was the first sighting of him since nancy pelosi called for an ethics investigation following allegations he had forced a sexual encounter on the teenager daughter of a donor. this is the same congressman who faced questioning last year after he released these strange pictures to his staff of him in a tiger suit. some of us are, you know, bigger on pig let or eeyore. michelle malkin weighs in on this disturbing and odd behavior. hello, michelle. >> hi, martha. martha: talk to me about this one. we've seen nancy pelosi put out a pro forma letter saying, gee, maybe we ought to look into this guy a little bit. >> yeah. she definitely is a nancy come lately on this brewing scandal.
11:17 am
it's been months and years in the making. david wu is a four-term congressman from don, and as you mentioned, martha, his bizarre pattern of erratic behavior really came out into the fore at the end of the election last year. um, senior staff of his resigned en masse as a result of a bunch of weird e-mails, strange behavior on the campaign trail, some of those e-mails were signed in the name of his young children, clearly they were from him. they begged him to get some help for a drinking problem that he's had for a while, and in february of this year i said that this guy definitely needed a democratic leadership intervention. it department happen. -- it didn't happen. and this is as much a personal scandal for david wu as it is a political scandal for all of the democrat leaders, particularly the women, people like nancy pelosi who allowed it to fester and get to this latest development regarding a teenaged
11:18 am
daughter of one of his donors. martha: so what are the charges in that case, michelle? >> so the oregonian reported over the weekend that a teenage daughter of one of his big donors had actually called capitol hill, called work u's office in may. now, remember, this is months after he pledged to get some sort of help for all of his other problems, and accused him of an aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter. so this is on an ickiness scale that far transcends the anthony weiner situation, in my opinion, because we're here dealing with an underaged child who is leveling these accusations against a man who had faced similar charges when he was an underbrad at stanford -- undergrad at stanford. martha: yeah. you said moments ago, this goes back years. i assume you're referring to this other incident at stanford. what happened there? >> yeah. and this is an ex-girlfriend of his who after they broke up reported to the campus police
11:19 am
there that, apparently, allegedly, david wu had come into her room, had forced her to have sex against her will, apparently smothered her with a pillow, at least that's the allegation. it's been floating around for years, it came up in past campaigns. no charges were ever made, but what's interesting, martha, is that the same mo that he apparently used to defuse that situation he's now using to try and defuse these latest allegations with this teenage girl. in other words, he's saying that it was consensual, and, um, apparently, we'll hear more from this girl and her family, i think. but the idea that somehow this whole mess will be solved by referring it to the house ethics committee, as nancy pelosi wants to do, is another farce in and of itself. martha: all right. michelle, thank you so much. michelle malkin, we'll see where this one goes. >> you bet. martha: all right. well, this story we have been
11:20 am
following closely here on "america live," crews are now renewing their search for this missing mother of triplets from missouri. jackie waller's husband maintains his innocence in her disappearance, but we're going to talk to the police about him and where they think he stands coming up in three minutes from now. >> i can't imagine how many people that's working to bring our little girl back. i predict there will be a break in this case this week. >> every day i know that we're a little bit closer.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
martha: we want to update you on this story because there are now new searches happening after a mother of triplets vanished in missouri. volunteers are out in some dangerous heat this weekend searching for any sign or any evidence of jackie waller. she disappeared some seven weeks ago after visiting her husband's
11:24 am
home. they were in the midst of divorce proceedings. her husband has not been named a suspect, but the police have continued to call him a person of interest in this case saying that he has not been as cooperative as they would have hoped. joining us now is lieutenant rodney barnes of the jackson police department in missouri. lieutenant, good to have you here today. >> thank you. martha: what can you tell us? give us the latest in this case. >> the very latest is we continue to actively search for ms. waller, and we remain optimistic that we're going to get a resolution to this case. martha: talk to me a little bit about, i know that her husband has been named a person of interest. what does that mean in terms of this investigation? >> well, as a person of interest, obviously, there are some questions that we feel that he can answer to help guide us in this investigation. martha: and how has he been so far in your interactions with him, and has his attitude towards participating changed at all? >> he has not been as
11:25 am
cooperative as we would hope. martha: all right. and, you know, when was the last time you spoke with him? >> the last time i understand that he spoke with members of law enforcement was probably sometime last week. martha: now, as a person of interest i assume that you're keeping an eye on him? >> we do keep contact with him when we can. obviously, we get reports of his whereabouts. martha: and, of course, you are aware that jackie's parents have talked, they spoke to us here at "america live," and be they've talked to others about the fact that they believe that he knows where she is. >> well, obviously, you know, the parents, this has been a tragic event for them, and they want to bring their daughter home. and that's our goal as well. martha: all right. lieutenant barnes, we thank you. we know you're limited in what you can share in terms of the investigation, but we're going to be following it very closely, and we hope to speak with you again as this develops. >> okay. thank you very much. martha: thank you very much, sir. all right, we're going to stay on top of that story, i promise.
11:26 am
and in the meantime, back to this breaking news on the nfl because we told you moments ago that the players voted to approve that deal with owners to end the lockout. we just heard from the nfl commissioner, roger goodell. here is a piece of that sound. >> football's back, and that's the great news for everybody. i want to thank all of the players for their leadership and for securing the long-term future of the game. having a ten-year agreement is extraordinarily great for our game, but most importantly our fans. and everybody worked hard, everybody had a passion, and everybody believes in this game of football and what we can do to make our game better. and i think this agreement is going to make our game better. martha: all right. that's the commissioner, roger goodell. so it's a ten-year deal, as you heard him say, and it means that the players should be able to head to the training camps over the next couple of days. again, there is an end to the nfl lockout. whoo hoo! game on, season's going. here we go, folks.
11:27 am
that's a relief, right? send me a tweet if you have any thoughts on how that deal worked out for everybody on both sides as well, at martha maccallum. all right, if we could only have the same kind of resolution in washington on the debt deal. timothy geithner said something very striking in the his interview with chris wallace yesterday. he says some 80 million people receive government checks every month, and what would they do without them? we're going to get to that point, we're going to talk about that, who's getting all those checks and why right after the break. plus, the woman at the center of the dsk assault case is speaking out now for the very first time, but is her face in front of the camera good for her case? is we're going to debate that with our legal panel coming up moments from now. stick around, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain,
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11:31 am
martha: all right, we've got some new questions now about the warnings from treasury secretary tim geithner that if congress does not raise the debt ceiling in eight days, 80 million checks will not go out from the tboft. here he is talking about that on fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> we write 80 million checks a month. there are millions and millions of americans that depend on those checks coming on time. not just people that supply our military, but people who get social security benefits, medicare and medicaid benefits, and we cannot put those payments at risk, and we do not have the
11:32 am
ability to limit the damage on them if congress fail toss to act in time. martha: it's not the warning that is raising questions, but the number. think about that. and i've already gotten a ton of people writing about this and tweeting me about this. 80 million, it's actually 88 million if you're counting for august of -- next august, you know, just a few weeks down the road. 88 million checks the government will send out. so how did we get to the point where as the u.s. government we send out 88 million checks, one month, folks? david webb joins me now, radio host on sirius xm and co-founder of the tea party 365, and doug schoen, fox news contributor. welcome, gentlemen. >> good to see you. martha: i listened to that interview, and it was incredible to me that tim geithner wasn't shocked by the number himself, i guess he sees that number all the time, but as a regular american i thought 88 million checks? so we did a little looking into it today, you know, basically, as you would expect the biggest
11:33 am
chunk is social security checks that go out, medicare, medicaid, as he talked about, department of education, food and nutrition services, that includes the huge number of americans, one in seven, on food stamps. so that's included in that number as well. department of labor, department of energy which has gone up remarkably over the past, you know, couple of years, the last ten years. what country are we here, doug? >> we're a very compassionate country. we provide for people who are at risk, we provide for seniors, we provide health care. it costs a lot of money to do that. we've had legitimate debates in our society about the level of government intervention we should have, but as a moderate democrat i think we have to be fiscally disciplined but also compassionate as a country. martha: you know what? it goes back to the conversation i had with lou dobbs, one in five american men are not working in this country. some of them are unemployed, obviously, disability, you have all different kinds of reasons why folks have left the job market, they're not trained to fill the jobs that are out
11:34 am
there, so everybody's getting a check. you know, it's not -- none of these programs were designed to reach out to the huge numbers of people that we're now reaching out to, so we have to beg the question what are we doing wrong that so many people need a check from the government? >> let's go with doug's point, we're a compassionate country. but it's less compassion when you break the system by overburdening it with that much entitlement. fraud, waste, i'm not saying it's going to account for the 88 million checks, but the bottom line is we have gone way too far. we're building a society of, basically, and i'm a little bit of a darwinist, people who are not exactly accustomed accustomd work and are living off liabilities in the system system. and the fear mongering coming out of washington, d.c., that really gets to me, so i decided to look it up before i came in here, and i want to be accurate because tim geithner never is. july 13th, congress, testimony steve goss, chief actuary for
11:35 am
social security, councilman says to him cash flow receipts through the end of august exceed the amount needed to pay social security, essential defense and medicare. so the fear mongering is what gets to me, those 80 million checks -- not 80 million voters, but millions of voters that they're using to keep spreading these lies and misstatements. martha: and how, you know, doug, i agree with you, i want to be part of a compassionate nation. >> right. martha: i know, david, you probably want to be -- >> i want to be very compassionate. martha: but you have to ask yourself, you know, how compassionate are we if we've created a system in which so many people are dependent on the government? is that truly compassionate, first of all, second of all, how compassionate are we to the generations to come that have been trained to believe they're entitled to it? >> first, we are compassionate enough to deal with people that need particularly in difficult times. martha: absolutely. >> but the more curious issue
11:36 am
you raid is our society working in such a way to create jobs, create opportunity to do what david was describing which is to broaden the basis of economic activity so all can fully apartment. the point you're picking, and i think you're right, more entitlement, more checks and a society that enables people rather than stimulates them. martha: mckenzie and company did a study that shows 30% of the jobs that are open out there, the employers are having a hard time finding people to fill those jobs. so you've got unemployment at 9.2 right now, and 30% of the companies surveyed saying we can't find somebody who can get a job and keep a job. so where's the compassion in that? we have all of this money. i guarantee a lot of those checks are going to job training, all of those -- we're not training people effectively because 30 president of these employs said they can't find the right people to fill those jobs.
11:37 am
>> one, centralize it, move it up to the federal government level. what happens is we don't have local control. local control, local understanding of the economy and those in need. that's one of the problems is this, you know, president of the administration, frankly, believing in centralization of government in washington, d.c.. two, you talk about unemployment. 17.3% for youth. lack of experience. you graduate college, you've got $900,000 -- $100 thurkz in debt or whatever, and you now have a culture that says i can stay on health care until 27. when this is going to change, in my opinion, when mom and dad one of them have lost a job and turn to that kid and say, you know what? you're 23, go get a job. whatever it is. our culture is in danger here. martha: and that's the bigger question. that's why i found that number just jaw dropping. >> we're not educating people, not offering incentives to business, and we're not cooperating as a political class to provide real opportunity and
11:38 am
to give people the kind of values we were all brought up with. march you raised a really good point because the question is, what is compassion, you know? and i think a lot of folks point fingers at republicans and say they're not compassionate, people point fingers at democrats and say they want to give everybody a handout, and that's not compassionate be either. >> to me it's all of us getting together to solve common problems, something that's just not happening. martha: we're a long way from that. doug schoen, david webb, always good to see you. >> always good to see you. martha: that means we're tracking some major developments in the 2012 race for the white house. here inside america's election headquarters this is what we have for you today. president obama launching a new effort to court the hispanic vote addressing the nation's largest latina civil rights group today as republicans and democrats wage an all-out spanish language ad war in key western battleground states. alicia acuna joins us leave from
11:39 am
denver with that story. >> hi, martha. specifically, we're talking about colorado, new mexico and nevada, three states president obama won in 2008, and his democratic strategists are saying he must hold on to them in his re-election bid. but the gop is now saying it's going after those latino votes saying they believe it could be in play. now, in mid july the republican national committee released spanish language ads targeting groups in the three western states i just mentioned. the rnc says it's highlighting the president's record on the economy and, more importantly, the unemployment rate among hispanics which is higher than the national average. take a listen. >> the rnc this ad is part of a monthlong messaging campaign which is highlighting, basically, president obama's failed economic leadership over the last few years. it was important for us to go out in states like colorado, nevada and new jersey to show that hispanics are very much an important part of this party, and as republicans we're going to go out into these communities
11:40 am
and competitively pursue these votes. >> the democratic national committee is not taking this likely, firing back with a campaign ad reminding latinos, it says, of obama's commitment to them. >> latinos are the fastest-growing constituency in the country right now, and they certainly were the fastest-growing constituency in colorado. the key to the latino vote is making sure that latino families have the information in front of them, and when they have the information in front of them, that's going to translate for votes for the democratic party and our democratic candidates. >> reporter: analysts say for nevada, new mexico and colorado they don't really belong to east party when you -- either party when you consider in 2008 they all three went for president obama. but in 2004 it was president george w. bush. martha? martha: all right. colorado's going to be a big state to watch in the election
11:41 am
in 2012. and now we've got this for you coming in. all right, let's go to harry reid who's speaking about the debt crisis and the solution. let's listen. >> and, certainly, the democrats in the house agree wholeheartedly with us. a short-term agreement risks many of the same dire consequences that would be triggered by the default itself. as one market analyst said today, quote: there is a significant risk of a downgrade with an agreement that ties further cuts to another vote only a few months down the road, closed quote. it appears to me at this stage the republicans are more interested in trying to embarrass the president than doing what's right for the country. so today we'll bring to the floor a $2.7 trillion package i hope we can break the impasse
11:42 am
and be put the rest of the country at ease of the specter of this default. it satisfies democrat core principles by protecting medicare, medicaid and social security and providing a long-term extension of the debt ceiling that the markets are looking for. the bill also meets republicans' demands, two major demands. it contains no revenues, and the amount of the cuts meets the amount of the debt ceiling increases. they wanted a one for one, that's what we've given them. so now all the republicans have to do is say, yes. unfortunately, the republicans who used to run the congress on the two republican caucuses are being driven by the radical right wing that is so in tune with the tea party. they want their leaders to ignore the american people, as they're doing, they want their leaders to ignore the business
11:43 am
leaders like the chamber of commerce that they're ignoring, and even a majority of republicans around this country wants something to happen, and they're refusing to do that. they'd rather cut social security benefits and end taxpayer-funded giveaways for these billionaires and millionaires who have the corporate jets. we should not let these extreme its dictate the outcome of this debate about the direction of our country. the time for ideological -- i'm sorry, the time for ideological extremism should end. now is the time for cooperation and con consensus building, and that's what legislation's all about, the art of compromise. and they've got to break away from those extremists that seem to be running the republican party here in washington. mr. schumer? >> thank you, senator reid, and thank you for your leadership on this issuement it's unfortunate that the negotiations over the weekend weren't able to produce an agreement. despite the president's warning that he would veto any
11:44 am
short-term plan, speaker boehner has refused to budge from his proposal. he is even going ahead with a vote in the house on this plan though he knows it cannot become law. this is a dangerous waste of time given that there are so few days between now and the deadline. make no mistake about it, the two-step plan outlined by speaker boehner is a dodge. it kicks the can down the road. it resolves the debt ceiling only for the next few months, and after that we'd be right back at square one all over again. as senator reid said yesterday, he can dress up his plan anyway he wants. it is similar my a pup step, short-term plan. -- a one-step, short-term plan. does anyone think it would be a good idea to do this all over
11:45 am
again in six months? the speaker's approach is not only wrong, it's dangerous. it would leave a cloud of default hanging over our heads for the next several months, undermining confidence in our u.s. bond markets. market analysts have rejected the speaker's approach saying it could bring about some of the same bad consequences as a default itself, it could even cause a credit rating downgrade. christian cooper, a currency trader, was quoted by bloomberg news this morning saying, quote, from the market's point of view -- martha: all right, new york senator charles schumer and harry reid just moments ago, you heard from him, basically, they're saying that they're bringing forth a deal, the democrats are presenting a deal that would be $2.7 trillion in spending cuts, and they're also saying it would have no increase in revenue so there would be the dollar for exchange that the gop
11:46 am
has been looking for in terms of spending cuts and raising the deaf create ceiling. john boehner's last plan raised the debt ceiling only by 900 billion, and that would be sort of a shorter term fix in the hopes they'd go back for deeper spending cuts over the course of the next six months. and also continue to bring up the cut, cap and balance and the balanced budget amendment that he wants to see, john boehner, go through both sides of congress. so, you know, remains to be seen the depails of this remit plan, and they're saying no revenues, so we'll dig into those numbers and find that out. finish. all right. so let's move back to this legal story that is very intriguing today. the woman at the center of the dsk sex scandal going public, describing in the harrowing detail her version of the assault and the fear that she says she felt afterwards when
11:47 am
she learned he was one of the most powerful politicians in france be. listen to this. >> tw i was like, i'm so sorry, i turned my head. he come to me and cupped my breasts. no, you don't have to be sorry. i say, stop, i don't want to lose my job. he's like stop, stop this. but he won't say -- but he keep pushing me, pushing me, pushing me to the hallway, back to the hallway, keep pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. martha: all right. prosecutors have called her credibility into question after they found she lied on immigration and tax forms and there's even reports that the case could be dropped entirely after huge arrests, you know, and a huge million dollar bail and the perp walk and the whole bit. so who does her media blitz benefit the most? joined by david schwartz and tom, a criminal defense attorney. good to have you both here
11:48 am
today. so now we're sort of back to hearing her side of the story, because it looked like there was a lot of egg on their face. he was arrested with great fanfare and surprised a lot of people in this city. so now we've got her side of the story. how's it shaping up? >> well, we have another courtroom here, and that's the court of public opinion. unfortunately, that can be wrong in some of these cases, martha, i nown, i think she helped her self today. there was a strong attack against the credibility of this victim, and i think she helped herself and helped keep this prosecution going. and, certainly, there's a civil case here, and they're going to say that she's in it for the money, but the bottom line is the jury could grasp on o this story and believe it. martha: she reached out to a friend of hers out on the west coast is who is in a detention center in arizona, and she told
11:49 am
him something to the effect, don't worry, this guy has a lot of money, and i know what i'm doing. >> the key words david mentioned, she helped herself. she did not help the prosecution in this case. rest assured ben rothman and dsk's legal team are watching that interview, watching that videotape, and they are salivating. scariest thing as defense attorney is when you hear a witness' recount of of that event better first time at trial because you have little or no ability to develop cross-examination. martha: let's take a look at the statement from dominique strauss-kahn's attorney on this. march march but i would present this to you both, and i want to
11:50 am
get your thoughts. there's a lot that's surfaced about this man. there's a prior allegation in if france, there's also a story that came out from that same woman who's accusing him in france, her mother says she was in a very aggressive situation with her, brutal, i think she said. so this is a man who has a history of women making these complaints about him. this woman could be as incredible as the day is long, she could have this guy, and wee could be trying to get money out of him, it doesn't change the fact that she may have been assaulted by this man. >> and that's where corroborating evidence comes into play, and i think that's what the da is really studying. if you had to go in with her testimony, this case would not fly. but there is corroborating evidence, of some sort of sexual assault. martha: i've just got 15 seconds because none of this matters if he assaulted her. >> there's evidence of a sexual accounter, but there's very little evidence of assault. this is a classic date rape
11:51 am
case. he says it was consequence yule, the da's got the proof beyond ag reasonable doubt. gentlemen, thank you very much for being here today.ruct for being here today.ruct we're going to take a quick break. your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose.
11:52 am
new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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11:54 am
martha: well, a california man out for a walk with his dogs ends up in the fight for his life. a swarm of killer bees stinging him all over his face, even attacking his two little dogs. he eventually escaped into a nearby home, the bees chasing him the whole way. but experts are saying as scary as this attack seems, it is likely an isolated case. trace gallagher joins us from l.a. with this case. >> reporter: hey, martha, they've never been spotted in that part of california's central valley, that's bad news
11:55 am
because it means the bees are spreading. 70-year-old jack mcbride was out walking his three dogs. one of the dogs stirs up the bees' nest, and the bees attack mcbride. he's wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, and the bees go right after his head. listen to mcbride. >> they were just all around me in a cloud, just swarmed around me. i fell down, i tried to roll on the ground, i thought that would maybe help get rid of them. it didn't discourage them at all, so i said, i've got to get up. >> many a woman opened the door to let him in, he was stung inside his nose, on his eye lids, his face, his neck, his armpits, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of bee stings. you see them right there, they look just like honeybees, but they're not. they're very, very aggressive. the california farmers need 'em, of course, to pollinate all the crops, but they need the sweet
11:56 am
honeybees, you know, sweeter honeybees, i guess. [laughter] martha: indeed. sweeter honeybees are in order o. trace gallagher, thank you very much. that is a scary story. >> reporter: i know. martha: all right. disturbing new details on this incredibly awful story on friday afternoon of the norway terror attacks. the new warning from the confessed mass murderer, anders breivik, and the american connection to this horrible massacre, that is just ahead. we'll be right back. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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